Get in the Christmas Spirit with These Spirits

Get in the Christmas Spirit with These Spirits

Christmas is just around the corner! And is there a better way to prepare for the upcoming holiday feasts than with some good booze and having the guys over?

Your Man Cave deserves a special corner filled with the coolest drinks, so we have selected our favorite Winter drinks and spirits that will keep you warm this holiday:


christmas winter beer ideas

Is there a better way to spend winter holidays then with a great beer? As Benjamin Franklin once said: Beer is proof that God loves men and wants them to be happy.

  1. Samichlaus – Brace yourselves, this is the king of Christmas beers. This fellow is a rich, aged doppelbock brewed at the Austrian brewery Schloss Eggenberg. Great choice for every occasion.
  2. Samuel Adams Winter Classic Mix Pack – If you want to be the beer DJ, this is the choice for you. A mixed pack of beers for the holidays is a good way to try something unusual and tasty while spending the cold days with your crew.
  3. Ciera Nevada Celebration Ale - Dry hopped beer which raises the hops in the aroma and flavor. Celebrate the holidays with this dude which will make your nights an unforgettable one.
  4. Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale – The good old Sam is a traditional winter warmer beer and in many ways has served as the modern benchmark for the style.
  5. Odell Brewing Co. Isolation Ale - This unusual winter beer does not carry the huge, dark malt flavors of many other beers. If you want to experiment this season with a new taste, this choice is a must.

And don’t forget, in beer we trust!


jack daniels winter whiskey christmas ideas

For the cold winter days, what else would warm you up better than a good whiskey?  Our Manly Cave list includes only the best:

  1. Johnnie Walker Winter Edition – Is there anything better than the good old friend Johnie warming you up for the winter holidays? With notes of crisp spice, dried fruit, hints of cedar and a toffee with a touch of smoke, this special edition is for the win.
  2. Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack – Mr. Jack is another very good friend of ours. Based on an original family recipe from Lynchburg, Tennessee, this whiskey tastes like all the good Christmas things in one: cinnamon, orange peel and apple cider.
  3. Bunnahabhain 25 yo – This is not a regular whiskey, but rather a special one that you should always have on your shelf. With a taste of cream and sweet berries, this drink screams New Year’s Celebration.
  4. Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold – Coming from the freezing Scotland, this whiskey friend will sure warm you up. It’s notes of pear skins, golden syrup and cinnamon, will make you want to pour another.
  5. Langatun Winter Wedding – Doesn’t everyone wish to be wedded with this beauty? This 5 young whiskey has notes of honey, white grape, barley and a very light touch of smoke, which is perfectly balanced with fresh fruits and pepper.


christmas winter wine ideas and fire

There is of course a wine for every occasion, but which one is the best to warm you up on the cold days?

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon – Is there a better red wine for winter days than Cabernet Sauvignon? This is definitely the perfect go-to choice for any bold wine lover. It`s fruity but slightly heavier, contains dark fruits like plum, classic, blackberry, and boysenberry.
  2. Shiraz – Known as the man`s wine, this is the darkest full-bodied red wine in the world. It has fruit flavors from sweet blueberry to savory black olive. Definitely recommended for tough guys.
  3. Pinot Noir – Prefer something lighter-bodied? Coming from Oregon, with aromas of raspberry and red cherry, the good old Pinot Noir will warm you up on the cold days for sure.
  4. Viognier- Can you imagine spending winter days without at least one glass of Viognier? Neither can we. With its perfumed aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle, this beauty deserves a place on your man cave shelf.
  5. Zinfandel – With strong flavors and aromas of berries there is no one that can stay indifferent when it comes to Zinfandel. Grab your bottle and get your buddies for a great man’s night in your cave.

And remember, drinking wine will make you look like you're sophisticated and got your sh*t together.


white russian christmas cocktail idea

Winter brings about some changes in our choice of our drinks. So here are some different cocktails to try rather than the classic ‘rum and eggnog’.

  1. Snowball: A refreshing brandy classic – This cocktail is from the late 1990s and it is a simple mix of brandy, syrup, egg and ginger ale. Brandy is the ideal base for an impressive winter highball. If you are a cocktail lover, bring your buddies over and hit them with a snowball or two.
  2. Candy Cane Cocktail - This delicious cocktail is perfect for the holiday season. Vodka, crème de menthe, ice and cranberry juice. Trust us, it tastes like heaven.
  3. White Russian – We’re sure the Russians enjoyed this sweet cocktail to warm up on a snowy winter day. Made of vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream, it will sure make you fall in love with it. Do not be fooled by it’s sweet taste though, it packs a solid punch! :)
  4. Holiday Citrus Punch – Is there another cocktail that screams “Holiday celebration” like this one does? This refreshing bowl is a great option for the New Year’s Celebration. Made with pear nectar, orange juice and light rum, it is an excellent choice if you prefer light drinks.
  5. The Blizzard Cocktail – Whiskey is the best option for every occasion, but if you mix it with hot coffee, a bit of hazelnut and Irish cream liqueur, you will have a totally new experience. Just ask someone who has tried it before, we guarantee they will recommend it.

Nothing lights up a Christmas celebration like a good drink – other than of course the actual Christmas lights. No matter what type of a drink you choose this holiday, make sure you drink responsibly! We don’t want you ending up like the last Christmas office party…. ;)

Happy Holidays from us here at Manly Caves!

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