Gift Giving - Oh Now Things Are Getting Personal!

Gift Giving - Oh Now Things Are Getting Personal!

 We get it, you’re stressed. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but here you are going nuts wondering “what’s the perfect gift to get him? What does he like? What will make him happy?” Well, we’ve got two pieces of advice for you. One, get him anything beer-related. And two, get him anything beer-related.

Men and Beer

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Celebrating high school or college graduation, falling in love for the first time, getting hired for that first job, being promoted, attending a friend’s wedding, celebrating holidays—where do all these events end? Beer. What do they all have in common? Beer.

These two entities have been inseparable ever since forever. Be it in movies or real life, men and beer share passionate moments together. What better gift to give?

Get Personal on Purpose

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Remember that necklace he found at some godforsaken place and he thought of giving it to you because it has your initials on it? How about that time you couldn’t find your car and then poof! It shows up in your garage colored red, which happens to be your favorite color? And how come you always had the best seat at your favorite restaurant during date nights? Fate? Nah, we’re afraid fate hasn’t anything to do with those.

These are probably some of your best memories because they are personal—your initials, your favorite color and restaurant.

Likewise, something personal will pull all the right strings. No, not scrapbooking all his baby photos! What we mean is personalized things for him!

Finisher: Beer + Personalized Stuff

What things you ask? These things:

  • Home Brew Growler – Your guy probably has dreamt of trying homebrewing, even if he hasn’t started yet. This bad boy will surely take his bottling game to the next level. Get his name engraved on this awesome piece of masculinity and maybe he’ll even share some of the homebrewing spoils!
  • Home Brew Growler Set – Add two matching glasses for that extra oomph! Because why not?
  • Beer Glasses – Even if he’s not quite at the homebrewing stage – a couple personalized glasses should do the trick! You could even sneak your name onto one so he has to share the drinks!
  • Whiskey Decanter – Now I know we said anything beer related, but what kind of man isn’t down for a glass of whiskey too? This personalized decanter will look extravagant displayed on your man’s Man Cave. He will thank you until the last drop.
  • Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set – Need we say more?
  • Gift Cards – Because, at the end of the day, we know men are the worst to shop for!

The Others

woman thinking about gift ideas

You have probably surfed the net for this and surely you will be overwhelmed, if you are not already, with hundreds of gift ideas the net throws back at you—a fancy watch, a pair of the latest branded sneakers, a new set of golf clubs, an expensive camera or car accessory. All these are great, but the thing is that it’s not about the latest trending gift, it’s the small things like personalization that show them that you really put some effort into picking them out something special. It will win over the fancy expensive watch anytime! (Although if you got that watch engraved... hats off to you!)

Little Things Count Twice

How does he start and end his day? You pretty much know this part. If you still don’t, fear not because we got you covered. We’ve made a short list of the typical things that count in a man’s life.

  • The soft stuff. Whether he’s busier than a bee or a strict 8-hour-sleeper, a man has to hit the sack. Imagine the smile on his face when he sees the personalized pillow you gave him. Now, what to print on that pillow? We’ll leave that up to you. Be creative and give him the best slumber of his life.
  • Morning brew. Coffee? Tea? Whatever he prefers for breakfast, it’ll make the morning even better with a personalized coaster.
  • The grind. A man has to earn a living and he does it in style. Whatever accessory he rocks—money clips, pocket knives, lighters, ID bracelets, travel bags—have these stuff personalized and you just put a whole new meaning to them.
  • Game time. Whatever after-work game your guy digs—poker, darts, billiards— remember that every day is game day.
  • Evening refreshment. You’ve got the morning brew covered, but how about the evening ’brew’? Since most men want to end their day with a good drink too and that’s what Man Caves are for. Is he a martini or scotch on-the-rocks type of guy? Let him up his cocktail game with this premium bar tool set.

Now, we know shopping could be your thing—shopping for the latest Mac foundation or yet another pair of shoes that is. However, we understand that shopping for guys can be a little different, in fact it can be waaay different. We hope to have helped you pick out the best personalized gift for your man.

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If there is anything we have missed, or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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