Gifts for Men – One of Life’s Great Mysteries

Gifts for Men – One of Life’s Great Mysteries

Yes, getting us a gift is a sweet gesture, especially considering that we know how hard we are to buy for! So before you get too carried away, please consider some of these things so you won’t freak us out. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for those cheesy surprises and handwritten love letters (yes, we do read them), it’s just that we don’t want you to go too far overboard when trying to pick us out a gift. Trust us, if we are in for the long haul, we don’t want to mess things up as much as you do.

Timing’s a B*tch

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If we have just started dating, the truth is we are not expecting a lot from you at this stage. But if you really want to get us something because you are sweet like that, this Jack Daniel’s hip flask can score you some points because you know, it’s JD. You can also get us a new set of these awesome skull darts, since our current set has definitely seen better days... and skulls are always cool! This will hit the bull’s eye all over again.

If we are past the dating stage and have just officially labeled the relationship, something nice (but not too nice) should do the trick. We surely would love to be challenged to a no-holds-barred poker night, plus some chilled whiskey on the side. Yes, that could get the dice rollin’.

If the dice has been rolling for quite a while now, we still love to be told that we are your “man.” Contrary to the belief (yes, again), we still want to know it’s us you care most about, that you think about us before you sleep and after you wake up. Yes, from time to time, we want to know that we still rock your world.

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If the dice has been rollin’ for really quite a while now, you are allowed (if you want to) to go a little over the top. You can help upgrade our Man Cave with cool bar stuff or allow us to host a mini men’s night every now and then. Just pure clean fun with the guys; all food, games, and booze.

Know Your Man: In and Out

Now that we have established how important timing is in buying your man a gift, it is equally important to know what we really want, what your man truly longs for with his heart - materially speaking, of course.

If you know our hobbies, what we want to do with our free-time (nope, our dates don’t count as free-time), then you are one step closer to getting that perfect gift. Thankfully, figuring us out is not rocket science -like trying figuring out women (sorry babe, you know it’s true). To further prove our point, here are five common hobbies of men:

Playing sports. It can be those classic physical ones like basketball, football, soccer, and rugby (we are sorry for having you wait outside the locker rooms babe, guys are way crazier inside). Or perhaps your man is more into the non-traditional ones like billiards, darts, and chess.

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Watching movies. We secretly wanted to be Darth Vader when we were younger (*cue the heavy mouth breathing). You know what? It really must be a voice thing, because Batman is definitely top of the list as well! You really couldn’t go wrong with either of these classics. If you’re looking for something a little more ‘modern’, Game of Thrones would definitely take the cake!

Homebrewing. Well, we have this theory that our home made beers, which fills our cool customized beer bottles, are way better than what they serve at the local pub. The same theory pretty much covers our Home Made Cocktails right? You know what they say, Practice Makes Perfect!

 man and woman travelling

Travelling. The world is our playground. Wouldn’t it be nice to hang our photos and plot maps on the wall? There’s so much more to see and explore.

Collecting. Believe it or not, we are also passionate and goal-oriented (and determined, resilient, caring) creatures. And these traits sometimes, if not most of the time, surface through the things we collect. From collector’s items like sports memorabilia, action figures, autographs, and stamps, to absurd things like cigarette cases, wooden coasters, and concert tickets, there will always be something we like to keep.

Other Factors to Consider

Nothing is sweeter than a woman who knows how to let her man be himself, all the more if she supports and loves us for what we are and whatever crazy stuff we get ourselves into. And yes, we are quite aware that this is a long list!

Getting us a gift is such a sweet gesture. However, it wouldn’t be as much fun if you have to sacrifice a lot of things so we can have it. The last thing we wanted is to be of inconvenience or put any pressure on you.

Before you take that leap of faith and purchase that personalized whiskey set or rustic clock we’ve been eyeing for quite a while now, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you afford it?
  • Is it right for the occasion?
  • Does your man deserve it?

If you hear a “hell yeah!” at the back of your mind, then more likely than not, you’re on the right track! Go and make your man happy!

It’s not what it is but why you are giving it that matters most.

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