Gift Cards - The "Choose Your Own Damn Gift!" Option

Gift Cards - The "Choose Your Own Damn Gift!" Option

We'll just come right out and say that we know we are aweful to buy for. We don't know what we want, let alone be able to give you ideas of things to buy us. But before before you get so frustrated at our lack of gift ideas and take a Louisville Slugger to our cars à la Carrie Underwood — we do have one suggestion for you. The suggestion to end all suggestions.

The Gift and Your Kind of Guy

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No matter how creative you can be, one way or another, you are going to run out of gift ideas. This is especially true when your man is the type who:

(1) Doesn’t specifically want something — he’s happily contented with what he has (that’s you right there and all the more reason to get him a gift!)

(2) Wants everything — he has the ability to see the brighter side of things, hence he wants them all!
(3) Can’t shop — for an unknown reason, he. just. can’t. We think it might have something to do with genetics, but we'll get back to you with the results of that study.

Perhaps, you just realized that you’re in love with a guy who’s a pain in the arse to buy a gift for or chances are, you already have been battling this dilemma for quite a while now (we’re sorry!). Is this the worst case scenario for me? We have four words for you lady, and four words only—Manly Caves Gift Cards.

“The” Gift Card for Men

We have this theory that gift cards were invented because men literally can’t shop. Well, that may be a good argument starter, but what we are really trying to say is that there’s just a whole lot of things involving shopping that don’t blend well with us. But we love you and wouldn't mind taking the pressure of picking out the perfect gift for us off your back.

hell yeah!

To start off, our awesome gift cards come in eight variations ranging from $10 - for a quick stocking stuffer, to $200 - for a main attraction that will be sure to please him as he starts dreaming of his new Man Cave.

    We can also accommodate other amounts, all you have to do is drop us a line and your wish is our command! To top that off, we deliver via email and we also made sure that there are no additional processing fees. How cool is that?

    Why Manly Caves Gift Cards?

    As much as we hate breaking this to you, but we may know your guy better than you do. Sure, we may not know him personally, but when it comes to knowing what a guy really wants, well thats literally the only thing we do. So we'd like to think that we can do that pretty well!

    What’s In It for Me?

  • Help. Tough as we may seem, we never forget to lend a hand to some of our brothers suffering from mental health issues. By supporting Manly Caves you get to support them as we donate 10% of our profits to Men’s Mental Health Charities. Plus an extra 5% during the Holidays! Sweet!
  • Convenience. In this day and age, technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, even with gift-buying. Did you really think we will pass up utilizing it? Hell no. As soon as you ordered one (or more) of these mean cards, you will instantly get them via email. (Beat that Amazon!)
  • Quality. We only offer brand new and good-quality items. We mean business and we’re in this for the long haul!
  • Budget Control. Have you ever felt that trembling feeling when you bring your man to his favorite shop and let him choose his gift (because you're awesome like that) and he ended up buying something out of your planned budget? We completely hear you and we’re doing everything we can to avoid putting you in a situation like that. Hence, the value varieties of this gift card. Take your pick and that’s exactly how much you pay for. No more, no less!
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  • Budget LeewayIf your budget isn’t among these eight variations, just let us know what budget you are looking for and we will accommodate your request.
  • Bragging Rights. When your man has one of these manly gift cards, he will walk off their men’s night with guaranteed pride of having the best Man Cave and bragging rights for at least a year, or until the next holiday season that is. As for you, well, you will be “the” awesome girlfriend or wife who got to get his man the equally awesome gift card (Heads up: Be prepared for your guy’s buddies’ girlfriends who will now surely ask you for gift tips — and what do you know, you’re the now the pro!)
  • This Manly Caves Gift Card gives your man the power of choice. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, Birthday or even any regular day—whatever reason you have for wanting to give us a token of love and appreciation—we equally appreciate the effort you are putting into it, especially if you’ve placed your efforts in the right place.

    Now you can relax knowing that you've got your holiday shopping covered. Phew! But if you're still not convinced on the beautiful simplicity of the gift card - perhaps you'd like to check out our Gift Guide for buying some awesome personalized gifts for your man.

    Happy Holidays!

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