Mission Not Impossible: Get Her to Say “Yes” to Your Man Cave

Mission Not Impossible: Get Her to Say “Yes” to Your Man Cave

Your mission, should you choose to accept it - Get her to buy into the Man Cave.

Y-E-S. You do realize that there are just three letters standing between you and your Man Cave right? Getting her approval is not always easy, we’ve been through hell and back for it, moved mountains for it, even crossed the seven seas for it. In the end, your future Man Cave will be SO worth it.

Men Suit Up To Get To Say Yes To The Man Cave

So suit up boys! Put on your best gear and gather your troops for we are yet again going to get that YES soon enough, and before you know it, you are chilling out in your cave with some good booze on hand.

Make Your Goal Attainable

Achieving a goal is never an easy task, especially if you are trying to get that Man Cave into your family home or shared space. But before you lose hope, you at least know how to start your mission. We all know that every great spy starts off by gathering a little intel:

Knowledge is Power

Know Your Woman

#1 Know how she feels when it comes to you.

How does she handle and think about the things where you are involved. Is your overall well-being a major concern for her? Is she big on you taking responsibility? Does she think of your health often?

#2 Know what she thinks of Man Caves.

If she is pro-man cave, then the stars must’ve aligned for you - or you just have excellent taste in women! If she is otherwise, you might want to start by easing her into the essentials of Man Caves.

#3 Know your best weapon.

Whats her soft spot? Is it your smile, your eyes, flowers? Don't be afraid to pull out all the stops in the name of your Man Cave!

Get The Ball Rolling

Get Her To Say Yes To Your Man Cave

Use what you know to your advantage. If she's concerned about your health, give her ideas about how a man cave can help men, in general, become healthier. If she's big on responsibilities, bring it to her attention that you'll take full responsibility for this part of the home renovation or remodelling (and follow through with it).

If she has doubts and insecurities about you having a man cave, reassure her of what your purposes are for wanting a man cave—and that is not to hide from her or the world, just to have a space to spend some good quality time with the boys!

Get Her on Your Side with a 'Compromise'

When you've established what good a Man Cave can bring, you can now expand your horizon and tap into how a Man Cave is healthy not just for you, but for her as well.

Being the gentleman that you are, you will be able to respect her "me-time" now. The need to spend time alone applies to both of you, and you'll now have an awesome space to do that in.

This will likely mean men’s night equals ladies’ night. If this means you will have to get your boys together and keep everything running smoothly at home while she’s out with the girls, then yeah I guess you'll have to 'take one for the team'!

Back It Up: Science & Figures

Back Up Plan In Getting Her To Buy Into The Man Cave

Now, when you have reached this part of the article, and she's still in the undecided stage, take the game to the next level and present your backup.

According to Sam Gosling, author of 
Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You and psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Space is crucial for managing emotions.

This genius witnessed firsthand the positive connection between having one’s own space and the person’s emotional well-being. He said that it is vital to resonate with who you are - which is made possible by having your own space.

Meanwhile, in the real estate industry, having a man cave is definitely on the radar for couples nowadays. According to Doris Ghitelman, a Sales VP at William Raveis Real Estate in Westport, CT, more couples are both wage earners in the workforce who need not only family time, but personal time as well. Hence, a Man Cave will improve a home’s resale value since it has a dedicated space for the buyer to pursue personal interests like sports or video games.


Lastly, make a guarantee and be confident that you know exactly what you are asking for. That pretty much covers the trade-offs and consequences, if any, of having a Man Cave. Preparing for any push back will ensure your mission is successful:

Identify Roadblocks

Identify Roadblocks If You Want Her To Say YES

Of course, there will always be barriers, and we will have to overcome every one of them to achieve our goal.

Tough for the Pockets

A bar stashed with a variety of liquors, a black leather couch, a billiard table, a 73-inch Smart TV, a home theater, a classic arcade game — these babies ain’t cheap. Don't let this massive price tag stop you from starting to build your Cave. Of course, it'll take us awhile to fully complete our dream Man Cave, but Rome wasn't built in a day either - start off small and over time as you collect more stuff, your Man Cave will slowly take shape! You could start by getting some bar supplies or maybe a sweet picture or two for the walls - get the ball rolling and don't stop!

Limited Space

Unfortunately, the space we have in reality is not as limitless as our imagination. This means you are going to have to be smart about what you want in your Man Cave. Choose only the best stuff to put in there. Besides... being a little tight on space is really not that much of an issue. A small Man Cave can be just as awesome as a large one!

Getting her to say the three-lettered word may be challenging, but it is NOT impossible. Just read through this guide, study your case, and make her an offer she can’t refuse. 

Don't be afraid to share with with fellow men struggling to get her approval - or leave us some tips that helped you get it! Good luck, man.

Good Luck Getting Her To Buy Into The Man Cave

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