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Retro Steampunk Bluetooth Speaker

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A distinctly steampunk look makes this bluetooth speaker look just as awesome as it sounds

Coming to us all the way from Latvia, our friends at Proper R have nailed the steampunk look. Distinguished by the futuristic look mixed with an old school vibe, we think these bluetooth speakers are some definite conversation starters for the next gathering in your Man Cave. Without a doubt, these are some unique Bluetooth speakers, perfect for really making a space look like your own. They will sync up to any bluetooth device and keep the party going all night long.


  • Crystal clear sound powerful enough to fill the entire space
  • All frequencies are audible with clear treble and powerful bass
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity will get your bluetooth speaker connected to any Bluetooth device
  • Precision volume control and play/pause button on the Bluetooth Amplifier module
  • Entire bluetooth system is hand built from the finest birch plywood
  • Inside is lined with audio felt to prevent any unwanted resonance
  • Vacuum tubes secured with copper rivets give this Bluetooth speaker a entirely unique look


  • Option to buy only the Bluetooth amplifier, or the entire Bluetooth speaker system
  • If you decide to go with just buying this sweet bluetooth amplifier, the speaker's resistance must be equal or higher than 4 Ohm, and they must withstand 10W RMS power (Approx 120W PMPO)


  • Speaker Size: 4 1/3"W x 4 1/3"H x 2 3/4"D (Each Speaker)
  • Main Module Size: 4"W x 3"H x 6"D
  • 4 Ohm, 4" two-way loud speakers
  • 10W RMS power supply to speakers
  • Bluetooth V4.0 CSR Chip
  • Hi-Fi D-Class Amplifier
  • System powered by a 12V DC, 2A power adapter

Operating Instructions

  1. Connect speakers to main module
  2. Connect power adapter and plug it into an AC socket
  3. Press and hold (Play/Pause) button until it lights up and power is on - sound will be heard from the speakers
  4. Wait few seconds, when (Play/Pause) button starts to flash - device is ready to connect
  5. Connect Bluetooth Speaker to your phone/tablet
  6. Use volume control knob to set desired volume level (you can use volume, balance and equalizer controls on your bluetooth enabled device too)
  7. Use controls on your phone/tablet or single press (Play/Pause) button to pause and unpause your music
  8. When you want to switch off - press and (Play/Pause) button until light on it turns off - this means device is disconnected and powered off - vacuum tubes will be illuminated always
  9. If you need, then switch off power adapter from AC plug - this completely powers off system.


  • Item Location: Liepāja, Latvia
  • Prep Time: 3-5 Days
  • Shipping (US): 2-3 Weeks
  • Shipping(Can): 2-3 Weeks

 In addition to helping you create your kick-ass Man Cave, we are also proud to donate 10% of our profits to various charities - each hand selected by the amazing craftsman we have partnered with! Learn more about why we do what we do here.

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